Angela Karantoni

Speech and Language Therapist
My name is Angela Karantoni and I am a Speech and Language Therapist. I studied in Patra for four years for my Bachelor degree in Speech and Language Therapy, and for three years at The University of Sheffield for my Master’s degree in “Language and Communication Disorders in Children”.

I have been working since 2008 as part of the multidisciplinary team at a community based non-profit organization, which accepts referrals of children with speech and language disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, learning difficulties and emotional problems. I also have a similar caseload at my private office in Glyfada. In addition, I am capable of providing intervention in both Greek and English, as I am a native speaker of both languages. My working experience at an English-speaking school in Athens for two years enhanced this essential skill.

As part of my work with children I start by assessing language and communication skills through play and conversation. In addition, one of the main goals is to establish a good therapeutic relationship with the child, so that he/she feels comfortable, happy, and thus stays motivated throughout the procedure. In preschool-aged children, social, expressive and receptive language skills are examined and articulation is evaluated. In children of school age, more emphasis is given on narrative and descriptive skills, as well as the comprehension of abstract concepts and written expression. In any case, a Speech, Language and Communication Assessment is adjusted to the child’s needs and abilities.