Angelina Loupeti

Philologist - Linguist
My name is Loupeti Angelina and I am graduate Philologist-Linguist of EKPA Athens. I have completed the annual specialization program of EKPA in Special Education and I have a certification of the Braille system. My love for language, communication and the exchange of cultural elements has led me to teach Greek to foreigners since 2018. I have worked in the Greek community of Rome and Lazio, in language schools, at the International Organization for Migration and voluntarily at the Sunday School of Immigrants.

I love to do lessons with young students who fill me with their imagination, liveliness and creativity as well as to adults for their conscious effort and desire to discover another part of themselves. My teaching style is mainly based on interaction. In the lesson you will get to know dances, songs ..even Greek recipes!

Learning a new language gives you a safe and effective way to express a second identity and that is a privilege. Why? Because it allows you to see different aspects of life, people, culture.

~Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world